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My FTP server supports SSL, should I configure it for implicit ssl or auth ssl?
Posted : Wednesday, March 17, 2010 2:49:43 PM(UTC)
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Just downloaded the new version, and I'm impressed.

I have one question, I am configuring a new FTP server. It supports implicit SSL and auth ssl. How do I turn this on in Auto FTP Manager? What is the difference?
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Posted : Thursday, March 25, 2010 6:24:42 AM(UTC)
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Explicit SSL is also known as Auth SSL or Auth TLS. With explicit SSL, the default FTP server port is used, normally port 21. Both SSL and non-SSL connections can be made on this port. Auto FTP Manager will send a command to the FTP server to start the SSL connection.

With Implicit SSL, the security is always on. A dedicated port, usually port 990, is used for secure connections.

If you are installing a new FTP server, you can use either implicit or explicit SSL. If you choose implicit, you will need to assign a separate port number. Auto FTP Manager will auto-detect whether explicit SSL or implicit SSL is used on your FTP server.
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