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Converting my 3 hour long DVR-MS files to fit on a standard DVD disc
Posted : Tuesday, November 30, 2010 11:37:17 AM(UTC)
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I am wondering if your software will do what I need.

I have a Windows Media Center PC that creates dvr-ms files. These files are extremely large. I burn the dvr-ms file onto a DVD which will only hold about 1 hour. Also, the DVD will play on PCs in Windows Media Player but not on DVD players.

1) Will Digital Media Converter Pro convert these dvr-ms files so that they can be watched on all dvd players?

2) Does Digital Media Converter Pro have the ability to compress or fit a 2-3 hour movie from dvr-ms onto a 4.7GB DVD to play on any DVD player?

DeskShare - Support  
Posted : Tuesday, November 30, 2010 8:45:54 PM(UTC)
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You can convert your files and burn them to a Video DVD that will play on any DVD player. You will need 2 different products to accomplish this - Digital Media Converter Pro, and DVD Author Plus.

First, use Digital Media Converter Pro to convert the DVR-MS file to MPEG2 format. After adding your DVR-MS file, click 'Select Format', choose 'MPEG2 DVD (NTSC)' and click on Configure. Change the bit rate to 3000 Kbps. Lowering the bit rate will allow you to fit a longer movie onto the DVD.

Next, use DVD Author Plus to make your Video DVD. Choose the MPEG2 file you just converted. You can add more than one MPEG2 file, they will play one after the other. Click next, then click burn disc. This will create a Video DVD that will play in any DVD player.
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