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FTP transfer from my DVR to a NAS storage device using Synchronize
Posted : Monday, June 27, 2011 4:07:32 AM(UTC)
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I want to transfer files from DVRs to Network Attached
Storage (NAS) through the FTP protocol using Auto FTP Manager.

I have more than 10 DVRs and plan to use 3 NAS devices, and I will be adding more NAS. There is enough storage between the 3 NAS to hold all 10 DVR's data.

My question -
1. When I choose synchronize in transfer rules, the data in DVRs and
NASs will be identical, right?

2. In case the NAS is full and DVRs have new files (the DVR has a
function to recycle old files). Will the new file be transferred onto the NAS or not ?

Thanks for you asssitance.
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Posted : Monday, June 27, 2011 11:20:22 AM(UTC)
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Yes, use Auto FTP Manager's settings for synchronize will make the DVR and NAS have identical files. The synchronize can be configured in the Action Rules.

If your DVR removes older files, the synchronize setting will also remove the same older files from the NAS. In this case your files will be transferred since the NAS will not get full, but instead be a mirror of the DVR files.
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