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What format to use for playback on a new Android tablet?
Posted : Tuesday, December 27, 2011 4:25:03 AM(UTC)
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I am preparing to rip some animated tv show dvd's similar in style to The Simpsons tv show. Intended use is on an Android tablet which can play MPEG-4 format. Can you recommend the settings to use for best quality? I've tried ripping one episode several time using different settings and previewing on Windows Media Player 12 on a Windows 7 pc. When I use "Standard Video Formats-MPEG-4 Simple Profile-7000bitrate,original dimensions", the general quality is good but frequently get thin horizontal lines on parts of the video. I think these kind of distortions are much more noticeable in animation than camera footage. Reducing dimensions to a custom 480x360 seems to reduce these distortions but not eliminate them. My goal is to have the animated show with good general quality and as close to watching the dvd quality as possible while still being MPEG-4.

I am using a fairly old laptop with Windows XP Pro to rip the video. My Questions are:
Would ripping on my Windows 7 desktop powerhouse with 16GB RAM and iCore-7 processor eliminate the thin horizontal line distortions or make any difference at all?
What settings would you recommend for best quality MPEG-4 ripping of animated tv show dvd episodes?

Do you have any further advice on the best way to achieve my goal?

Thank you for your help!
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Posted : Monday, January 9, 2012 11:14:26 PM(UTC)
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The Android operating system supports MPEG4 Advanced with the h.264 codec, I suggest using the default settings on Rip DVD Plus for this codec.

Keep the dimensions the same as the original DVD, 720x480, and a 3000kbit bit rate. This should give you excellent results on your Android tablet. Ripping on your Windows 7 PC with these settings will give you a better quality video -- and it will definitely take a lot less time.
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