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Editing My Screen Recorder's screen recordings
Posted : Friday, July 8, 2005 6:39:58 PM(UTC)
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My Screen Recorder made me an AVI that is 4MB in size. I have imported this file into Video Edit Magic, then added only its video track onto the timeline. With no other changes, I hit Make Movie... choose all the same AVI settings that I had for My Screen Recorder (Both were 15 FPS, key frame every 15 frames, MS-CRAM compression at 100 quality). When Video Edit Magic outputs the movie, it is now 36MB in size.

What am I doing wrong? How does My Screen Recorder produce such smaller videos than Video Edit Magic when they are, in fact, the same video?
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Posted : Saturday, July 9, 2005 11:29:32 AM(UTC)
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By default, My Screen Recorder creates a video with the following properties:
Frame rate: 5 fps
Key frame rate: 80 frames
Video Quality: 70
Audio: PCM 22050 16 Bit Mono

While, by default, Video Edit Magic creates a video with:
Frame rate: 15 fps (minimum via Auto Select)
Key frame rate: 15 frames
Video Quality: 75
Audio: PCM 22050 16 Bit Stereo

To use My Screen Recorder's videos, you will have to manually set the frame rate to 5 and increase the key frame rate to 80 (or even higher). A video quality between 60 and 75 is recommended.

You should be able to produce a much smaller file size.
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