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Editing videos and output to DVD
Posted : Thursday, July 28, 2005 5:45:02 PM(UTC)
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I need to convert ASF (MPEG-4) files to DVD. The Digital Media Converter seems to have minimal editing capabilities. I have used Windows Movie Maker for editing in the past, but of course it doesn't create anything but WMV files.

Will I lose any quality by using WMM to do the editing, outputting to the highest quality format I can find there, then using Digital Media Converter to create my DVD-ready file? What WMM output would you suggest? I want the highest quality DVD possible. If quality is being lost through WMM, do you have other suggestions for my need?
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Posted : Monday, August 1, 2005 6:34:54 AM(UTC)
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Digital Media Converter is a converter tool. For editing, you require an editing tool like DeskShare Video Edit Magic. To know more about Video Edit Magic, visit:

With Video Edit Magic, you can edit all types of files, add video transitions and effects and output directly to MPEG 2 (DVD) format. Then you can use any burning software to create the DVD video.
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