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Playback speed
Posted : Sunday, September 4, 2005 9:30:36 AM(UTC)
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Can the playback speed of recorded files be increased, for example, by two or three times the recorded speed?

I want to record an eight hour period of time.
My intent is to be able to playback an entire 8 hours of recorded realtime Futures or stock market charts in half the time or less ...I envision the playback to be closer to a speeded up "Snapshot Slide Show" where the individual slides/snapshots were recorded 1 second apart.

The application that produces these charts refreshes my screens 2 times per second. There would be very little additional activity on the desktop during the 8 hour record period that would need to be captured during the recording of the chart "snapshots".

I assume my recorded file settings would have to be set to record a very small file size -
Frame Rate: 1 frame/second (?)
Key Frame Rate: 60 frames/second (to match my Monitor's Hz setting?)
Or could I go lower than the above settings?

Is the above idea feasable with My Screen Recorder?
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Posted : Monday, September 5, 2005 11:26:57 AM(UTC)
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You can use the `Time-lapse' feature, available in My Screen Recorder Pro, to record video such that it plays back at higher speed.

For example, to record a video at 5fps and play it back at 10fps, follow these steps:

1. On the Tools menu, click Settings
2. Select the AVI Video tab.
3. Under Frame options, select `Time-lapse'
4. Click `Time-lapse Setup'
5. Under `Record rate', specify 5 Frames per 1 second, which will make `My Screen Recorder Pro' capture 5 frames in one second (5fps)
6. In the `Playback rate' box, specify 10 frames/second
7. Click OK

Using these settings, you essentially playback a video file at twice its recorded frame rate, which doubles the videos playback speed. In other words, 10 frames are played back in 1 second instead of 5 frames.

If you expect your screen to refresh 2 times in one second, then set the `Record rate' at 2 Frames per 1 second. To playback this recorded video at, say, 2 times its actual speed, specify `Playback Rate' as 4 frames per second.
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