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Viewing the broadcast on Mac OS/X
Posted : Tuesday, June 16, 2015 9:54:14 AM(UTC)
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Hello support,

I have spent part of today evaluating the software and asking questions of my techs about how to best implement the use of this product for our farming needs. Yep, real farmers.

First I was told that MAC OSX has not supported Windows Media Player files since 2012.

I had attempted to view the camera using the broadcast from Security Monitor Pro, and while it is possible to see them on the Windows machine using the link for broadcast on the viewing screen on that machine, using the broadcast IP address shown, when this address is put into a MAC on the same local network switch it did not display any web page, not in Chrome, Safari or FireFox.

Additionally we tried using iPhone 6 running OS 8.3(12F70) however none of the browsers installed on it did anything but display blank white pages.

At this moment we successfully installed four wireless cameras of of different type and have ordered a fifth in an attempt to see what offers the best solution. I am documenting a great deal so I can write a review as well, as this software might solve some of the problems other solutions have had that we have been unable to utilize. Still as promising as the software looks getting it to run across platforms is one thing that is a must.

I will purchase the software if I can get it to work as described.
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Posted : Wednesday, August 12, 2015 10:04:42 PM(UTC)
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You can play the mms stream using VLC or Flip4Mac, or install the Windows Media Components in Quicktime. Once you have either product installed, you can enter the following in your browser:

You will get a prompt to use VLC, Flip4Mac, or Quicktime to open the stream. Make your selection and the stream should start to play after a few seconds of buffering.
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