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Triggering motion detection during recording
Posted : Saturday, November 26, 2005 3:06:57 AM(UTC)
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My camera seems to trigger once and then is never triggered again. I have tried different levels of sensitivity and it makes no difference.
DeskShare - Support  
Posted : Saturday, November 26, 2005 5:08:54 AM(UTC)
DeskShare - Support

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When WebCam Monitor detects motion, it tiggers all selected alerts. Just before triggering the alerts (Video/Audio Recording, Take Snap, E-mail Notification or Sound Alarm), WebCam Monitor suspends monitoring while the alerts are being processed. After all the selected alerts complete, monitoring resumes automatically.

WebCam Monitor's log window is very useful when you want to know when alerts start and stop. You must wait for all alerts to complete and then attempt to test motion detection again.

A good way to test motion detection is to turn off all Alerts. The log window displays a "Motion Detected" message everytime WebCam Monitor detects motion. Since there are no Alerts to run, WebCam Monitor instantly resumes monitoring.
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