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Creating mp3 speech for the most important parts of my presentation
Posted : Monday, December 21, 2015 7:43:51 PM(UTC)
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I want to create a mp3 file from my presentation, but I only want to include the important points. Is it possible to ignore some parts of the presentation material while creating mp3 audio files?
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Posted : Tuesday, December 22, 2015 12:56:42 AM(UTC)
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Yes, Text Speaker allows you to create an audio file for just the required parts of your content.

Select the text you want to convert in the mp3 file and then click the 'Edit' menu >> 'Outline Area' or press 'CTRL+L'. One other way is to select the text, right click and select 'Outline Area' option.

Here is an example:


You can test your selected text before creating audio file by clicking 'Speak' menu >> 'Speak Outlined Text'.

Convert the marked text to an audio file by clicking 'Speak' menu >> 'Convert Outlined Text' and listen to your key points. Insert pauses between topics by inserting a silence command in your text. Here is an example of a 10 second pause:
Topic 1
<silence msec="10000"/>
Topic 2
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