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Creating password protected video screen recordings
Posted : Sunday, December 27, 2015 7:16:41 PM(UTC)
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I want to use My Screen Recorder Pro to create some confidential videos which I have to share with partners and clients. Is there any way to make the videos more secure and easily playable on any computer?
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Posted : Monday, December 28, 2015 12:22:16 AM(UTC)
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You can create a password protected video executable file in My Screen Recorder Pro. This exe file can be shared with clients, partners and only those who have the correct password can view the file.

A video executable allows you to make your media files playable on a PC, without any requirement of an exclusive media player.

Create your screen recordings, then from the tool bar click on 'Video Executable'. Add all the files for which you want to create a video executable file.


In next step, check the box 'Require password for viewing' and enter the password of your choice with at least 4 characters.

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