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Getting a confirmation before starting a scheduled screen recording
Posted : Sunday, February 7, 2016 6:33:02 PM(UTC)
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I have a few screen recordings scheduled in the Pro version. Most of the times it is OK for them to run, but sometimes when I am doing important work and I don't want the schedule to run. How can I approve the schedules to start only when I want?
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Posted : Sunday, February 7, 2016 11:44:34 PM(UTC)
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You can set My Screen Recorder Pro to display a message box asking for confirmation before starting recording.

While adding a schedule click on the 'New' button under 'Actions to be performed at the start of recording:' section in the New Task dialog.


Next, select 'Display a message box' option from the 'Action:' dropdown.
Enter the title, message to be displayed and select the 'OK and Cancel buttons' option from the 'Confirmation:' dropdown. You must click 'OK' to start recording, or click 'Cancel' to discard it. Finally click on the 'Preview' button to see a preview of the message box.

When your schedule launches, a message box will be shown asking for confirmation to begin.
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