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Connecting to a server using FTP over TLS
Posted : Sunday, February 21, 2016 5:41:40 PM(UTC)
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I don't know much about FTP but the server needs FTP over TLS for a secure connection. Can I use Auto FTP Manager? Can anyone explain this to me?

Thank you in advance
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Posted : Monday, February 22, 2016 12:18:28 AM(UTC)
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Yes, you can connect to the server by selecting the FTPS protocol in Auto FTP Manager. When creating the connection profile select the FTPS protocol, enter your username and password. There are 3 types of settings for FTPS protocol: Explicit, Implicit and Auto Detect.

In explicit mode, an FTPS client must explicitly request security from an FTPS server and then step-up to a mutually agreed encryption method. If a client does not request security, the FTPS server can either allow the client to continue insecure or refuse/limit the connection. Auto FTP Manager will first connect in plaintext, and then explicitly start SSL negotiation through a protocol command such as STARTTLS.

In Implicit mode, the SSL negotiation will start immediately after the connection is established.

If the server protocol is FTPS and the type is unknown then select the Auto Detect option.

You will be prompted to accept a certificate if you manually run the automated transfer. The certificate is automatically accepted when the transfer runs on a schedule.
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