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Using the Media Converter
Posted : Saturday, February 4, 2006 7:40:36 AM(UTC)
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I've been having some problems with audio lagging the video with some AVI video files (Microsoft AVI file format). I tried using Media Converter under the tools menu to convert the AVI file to a uncompressed AVI, but I wasn't sure of what to select. Here is what I selected:

Indeo video 5.10 Compression Filter
Audio Filter (Uncompressed)
Auto select settings based on best quality

These where to default settings, I didn't change anything and it seemed to have worked well. But my question is, how do you decide what to select? And why is the size of my new file 73.8 MB and the original is 696 MB? If I'm converting to a uncompressed AVI file, I thought the new file would be larger. And why isn't there a selection to get the video uncompressed? Do you recomend trying the some of the other video compressors to see the difference in quality?

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Posted : Monday, February 6, 2006 6:13:19 AM(UTC)
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Video Edit Magic has a built-in media converter is designed to make media files into an editable format for Video Edit Magic to use on the timeline. Certain types of file formats need to be converted before they can be added to the timeline. The media converter contains only the necessary video and audio compressors required for editing a file.

If you need to convert files to a particular format then you should try Digital Media Converter which is available from the following page:


The media converter does not have "Uncompressed" video because it would make the converted file significantly large, which will reduce the performance of the file on the timeline.

We have observed that if we keep the audio uncompressed then most synchronization problems are alleviated, even if we have compressed video.
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