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Replacing audio of a video clip in the timeline
Posted : Tuesday, July 18, 2006 1:34:43 AM(UTC)
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Hello. I have just started using VEM and I am very impressed, but I have one complaint:

Whenever I add video files (avi) to the timeline, I am required to add or insert it to some combination of video AND audio tracks. Is there a way to add it to just a video track OR an audio track?

I have already inserted a really long MP3 file for the soundtrack; it is much longer than the video footage I have added so far. I want to use that soundtrack in place of any audio on the video files. So I'm constantly having to add a new video file, delete its audio track, and drag the newly inserted video way back towards the start of the timeline.

Any suggestions?

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Posted : Wednesday, July 19, 2006 6:35:19 AM(UTC)
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When you add a clip to the Timeline, the Video Track displays the video portion of the clip and the Audio Track displays the audio portion of the clip. In order to replace audio, you will have to delete the original audio first.

To speed up the process, you can zoom out the timeline to the extent where it is easy for you to drag the new audio and align it with the video clip.

You can also lock Audio Track 1, then right-click on the video file and choose to add it to Video 1 and Audio 2. If your MP3 file is on Audio 1, it won't be moved or affected when you add the audio to Audio 2, and you can then simply delete the unwanted audio.
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