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Cutting, Copying, Muting and Voiceover
Posted : Thursday, April 1, 2004 5:04:43 AM(UTC)
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I'm a skateboarder and the girlfriend recently started filming different tricks at several skatespots. Ii'm getting the hang of peicing the individual files together however here's my problem:

Before I put a few in the timeline, I need to take each one and just mute or cut out parts of the audio /sound. It seems like when I try this, I either cut both the audio/ video at that spot or it cuts out the audio all together. One file you here her saying "I'm recording".. I want to mute that part, but still leave the sound of the board hitting the ground or whatever while i'm doing the tricks..

Last concern is once I get all my files and audio in order. Can I take an audio wav file [song] and put it over the whole thing?

Any advise is much apprecited.

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Posted : Friday, April 2, 2004 10:23:53 AM(UTC)
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1. Use the Selection Sliders to select a portion of the timeline and cut it. To show/hide the selection sliders, point to the View menu and click Selection Sliders or use the F5 shortcut key.

2. To cut only the video or the audio, lock or unlink the track that you do not want to cut. The options to Lock/Unlock and Link/Unlink a track is present to the left of every track.

3. The trick to mute portions of audio tracks is to change their volume on the timeline over time. Video Edit Magic's Volume Tracks are a powerful and a very flexible method to do this. You can also create many volume effects using the Volume Tracks. Click the little arrow to the left of audio tracks to show/hide the volume tracks.

4. First select and delete all audio sources that are not required. If any of the Audio tracks (Audio 1 or Audio 2) become empty, then add your audio to one of these tracks. Use the Volume Tracks here if you want a background score to play softly over your entire video.

5. Make sure that you save your project frequently at different points during the editing procedure.

Please refer to Video Edit Magic's Help File for details on Selection Slider, Lock/Unlock, Link/Unlink, Volume Tracks and Projects. For online User Guide, visit the URL:
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