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A feasible process using DMC for NTSC-DVD to PAL-DVD conversion
Posted : Monday, April 23, 2007 9:37:58 AM(UTC)
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Hello Folks:

I am evaluating DMC to see if it will do what I need; which is the following:

I have DVDs I create in Avid Liquid that produce VOBs on my local hard-drive as well burn directly to DVD. The DVDs are created in NTSC format and I need to create DVD versions in PAL for viewers overseas, etc. So, ... my plan was to take the VOBs that were created in the directory VIDEO_TS (on my hard-drive) and convert them to PAL using DMC, and then burn them to DVD using Nero.

A typical VIDEO_TS folder will contain the following files:

My plan was to create duplicate directory structure as above with VIDEO_TS on the root; except the VOBs will now be PAL instead of NTSC. Then I was going to burn the directory structure "VIDEO_TS" and everything under it to DVD.

Now, my questions are:
1) Does this seem like a feasible and consistent process?

2) After conversion, I noticed that the file extension is mpg as in "VTS_01_1.mpg" versus "VTS_01_1.VOB" Can I just change the extension after conversion?

3) Considering this scenario, do I need to burn via Nero as a "Data DVD" or "Video DVD?"

4) The other files under the VIDEO_TS directory don't have to be changed in anyway - right?

5) Are there any gotchas I may not be aware of?

Thanks in advance for your patience and help!
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Posted : Monday, April 23, 2007 11:05:24 AM(UTC)
DeskShare - Support

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Digital Media Converter can convert your video from NTSC to PAL format.

Our recommended procedure for creating PAL DVDs would be:

1. Convert the VOB files to PAL MPEG 2 files (.mpg extension) as you have already done.
2. Use your own DVD burning program to create a new DVD using the Video DVD in PAL format.
The program will create new BUP and IFO files which will match the video files.
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