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Moving Titles
Posted : Tuesday, May 22, 2007 9:01:26 AM(UTC)
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I just purchased a copy of Video Edit Magic and was wondering if it's possilbe to take a title and move it across the screen....slowly from right to left and etc. I'm fairly familiar with video editing (media 100, avid, etc).

Thanks for any advice.
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Posted : Friday, May 25, 2007 9:39:28 AM(UTC)
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It is possible to create a moving text effect. To do so, you would not use the built-in "Add Text" tool in Video Edit Magic's Edit menu.

Instead, you would create the text as a bitmap file, such as a GIF or JPEG. Create the text against a solid black background. Add the picture file to the Media Collection. Let's call it "title.jpg".

Now, add title.jpg to the Timeline in Video Track 2, and adjust its duration so that it remains on the screen as long as you want the title to display. From the Effects tab, add the Animated Transform effect to the Effect track for Video Track 2. Set the number of rotations to 0. Click the "Set end position to be the same as start position" checkbox, so the two bounding rectangles are the same size. Drag the two rectangles to the start and end points of the motion you want the text to make. Click "OK".

We have published an article, Using the Animated Transform Effect, which will be helpful to you when setting up this effect.

Now, adjust the duration of the Animated Transform effect to match the length of title.jpg.

Add your video clip to Video Track 1. Make sure that title.jpg and its effect are lined up with the correct section of the video.

Add the Chroma Key Color effect to the Transition track. Select black as the color to be rendered transparent. Now, the black background of title.jpg and of the Animated Transform effect will both be invisible. Only the letters will be visible as the are moved across the screen by the effect. Click "OK".

We have also published an article on Using the Green Screen Technique.

Now, adjust the length and position of the Chroma Key Color transition so that it starts and ends at the same points as title.jpg.

This lets you move the text across the screen. By using multiple Animated Transforms you could have the text move into the center, pause, and then move back (or anywhere).

This technique could also be used to move a drawing across the screen, or even a photograph taken against a solid-color background.
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