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Win File Size Limit etc
Posted : Sunday, June 27, 2004 3:17:17 PM(UTC)
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1.I capture a video from my Sony Handy cam using the Fire Wire Port. It appears that after about 20 minutes the capture stops. I believe it is due to the Win (FAT32) file size limitation of 4 GB. When I then make a DVD movie (mpg) of the capture, that file size is less than 1 GB (probably due to mpg compression). I believe a DVD will hold around 4 GB.

Now, if my tape is one hour long, I have to perform 3 captures (approx 20 mins each=4GB).
Do I then make 3 movies and do 3 burns to the same DVD disc? What happens when I play this DVD with 3 movies on it in my home theater DVD player?

2. I have version 3.36. I noticed the current version is 3.37. What do I need to do (update?).

3. After I delete a small portion of video in the middle of a clip using the sliders, there is a hole in the timeline. How is the hole eliminated? (i.e. rejoin the segments together). I've just been grabbing the video on the right and sliding it over using the mouse, until it looks joined together. Is this right?
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Posted : Wednesday, June 30, 2004 11:18:16 AM(UTC)
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1. The best solution here is to open all three captured videos in Video Edit Magic and combine them on the timeline. Now you can make and burn one single movie.

2. If you purchased an older version of our program then all program updates are free within the same version number. To upgrade your program, you can download the latest version form the following Link:


If you see a purchase screen, enter your original Serial number to activate to the program.

You can check to see if the program is registered by selecting "Help" - "About" from the program menu. It will display the registration status.

3. The correct method is to grab the clips and move them to the desired location on the timeline. You can also move multiple clips by multi-selecting them (hold down the Shift or Ctrl key) and then using the direction keys on the keyboard.
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