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Not understanding why folders and sub folders are created
Posted : Monday, August 25, 2008 3:56:25 PM(UTC)
Joined: 8/25/2008(UTC)
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Using the latest Auto FTP Manager, I have to report the following bug:

When using automated transfer "copying from (FTP Server) to (Local Drive" / Overwrite with Newer - a one way sync, I am getting the following behavior:

Initial Sync works fine. All files copy.
But then if I change the name of a folder on the FTP Server (source) I get the following result:

1. All of the files from the new folder on the target (local drive) do get copied. (proper)
2. All of the files from the old folder on the target drive do get deleted. (proper)
3. None of the folders/subfolders are removed on the target (not good!)
4. a PART of the OLD folder structure gets created on the source (FTP server) (VERY WIERD)

I was planning on purchasing this software, because it is exactly the kind of thing I need.


Jason G
Posted : Wednesday, August 27, 2008 5:50:17 AM(UTC)
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The behavior of the automated transfer is correct.

In point 3, The program does not delete folders. If "Delete files after transfer" option is selected, only files are deleted during automated transfer process . Hence the original folder structure remains unchanged.

In point 4: If we have some files within the folder then that folder will be created. For example if we have a folder "level 1" and a sub folder within it say "level 2" and now if "level 2" has some files within it then this folder structure
will be created at your local drive, since it is required for copying the file from the ftp server.

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