2.Understanding the Workspace
3.Getting Started
4.Storyboard Operations
5.Working with Projects
7.Capturing Media from Devices
8.Keyboard Shortcuts
General Shortcuts
Capture Shortcuts
Storyboard Shortcuts
Preview Shortcuts

Auto Movie Creator 3.26

General Shortcuts

Action Shortcut
New Project Ctrl + N
Open Project Ctrl + O
Save Project Ctrl + S
Preview a File Ctrl + P
Add File to Storyboard Ctrl + T
Detect Scenes Ctrl + D
Select All Files Ctrl + A
Remove a File from Videos and Photos Collection/Music Collection Del
Display the properties of a file in the Video and Photos Collection/Music Collection Ctrl + Enter
Videos and Photos Collection Ctrl + 1
Effects Ctrl + 2
Transitions Ctrl + 3
Titles and Credits Ctrl + 4
Music Collection Ctrl + 5
Export Ctrl + 6

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