2.Understanding the Workspace
3.Getting Started
4.Storyboard Operations
Adding Clips to Storyboard
Working with Clips
Split Video
Combining Clips
Image Duration
Cut, Copy, Paste and Remove
Effects and Transitions
Adding Effects to Clips
Changing Effect Settings
Animated Transform Effect
Blind Effect
Blur Effect
Brightness/Contrast Effect
Color Channel Effect
Image Transform Effect
Pan and Zoom Effect
Pixelate Effect
Posterize Effect
Rotate Effect
Threshold Effect
Wave Effect
Adding Transitions between Clips
Changing Transition Settings
Changing Transition Duration
Checker Board Transition
Cross Fade Transition
Iris Transition
Key Color Transitions
Picture Arrange Transition
Picture-in-Picture Transition
Pixelate Transition
Random Dissolve Transition
Slide Transition
Stretch Transition
Wipe Transitions
Wipe Categories
The Sound
Clip Audio
Volume Balance Control
Titles and Credits
5.Working with Projects
7.Capturing Media from Devices
8.Keyboard Shortcuts

Auto Movie Creator 3.26

Storyboard Operations in Auto Movie Creator

The previous sections briefly explained the workspace of Auto Movie Creator, how to add media files to the collections and preparing Auto Movie Creator for editing.  Now we will discuss: first, the Storyboard and its various tools from an editing perspective, and second, basic editing operations like cut, copy, paste and remove.  After covering the basics, we'll go on to discuss special effects and transitions, as well as adding sound to your movie.  Finally, you'll learn how to add titles and credits (and other text).

This section consists of these topics:

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