2.Understanding the Workspace
3.Getting Started
4.Storyboard Operations
Adding Clips to Storyboard
Working with Clips
Split Video
Combining Clips
Image Duration
Cut, Copy, Paste and Remove
Effects and Transitions
Adding Effects to Clips
Changing Effect Settings
Animated Transform Effect
Blind Effect
Blur Effect
Brightness/Contrast Effect
Color Channel Effect
Image Transform Effect
Pan and Zoom Effect
Pixelate Effect
Posterize Effect
Rotate Effect
Threshold Effect
Wave Effect
Adding Transitions between Clips
Changing Transition Settings
Changing Transition Duration
Checker Board Transition
Cross Fade Transition
Iris Transition
Key Color Transitions
Picture Arrange Transition
Picture-in-Picture Transition
Pixelate Transition
Random Dissolve Transition
Slide Transition
Stretch Transition
Wipe Transitions
Wipe Categories
The Sound
Clip Audio
Volume Balance Control
Titles and Credits
5.Working with Projects
7.Capturing Media from Devices
8.Keyboard Shortcuts

Auto Movie Creator 3.26

Adding Clips to Storyboard

Once media files are added to the Collections, scenes are detected and clips based on these scenes are created, it's time to edit your movie.  For a video to appear in your movie, it must be added to the Storyboard.  A clip or a file can be added by dragging and dropping it on the Storyboard or right-clicking on it and selecting Add to Storyboard.  The clip would be added to the selected cell.  To select a clip cell, simply click on it.  A dark border highlights the cell indicating that it is selected.  If you do not select a cell, the clip would be added to the ' active cell ' i.e.  the one you last worked on.  A dotted line appears around the view of the active cell.

Multiple clips can be selected for adding.  One way is to click on empty white space and drag the mouse to draw a rectangle.  Any clips touched by the rectangle are selected.  You can also select several clips by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the the clips you wish to select, one at a time.  Once all clips you wish to add are selected, right-click on any clip and select Add to Storyboard.  All clips will be added in the sequence in which they appear in the Collection.  You can also drag the multi-selected clips to the Storyboard.  When all clips are in the Storyboard, you can re-arrange them by dragging and dropping them to the desired location.

The total duration of clips and/or images added to the Storyboard must not exceed 10 hours.  Up to 5, 000 clips and/or images can be placed on the Storyboard provided their total duration on the Storyboard does not exceed 10 hours.

Adding Images to the Storyboard

Still images can also be added to the Storyboard.  To add images to the Storyboard:

  1. Select a cell on the Storyboard where you want to add the image by clicking on it.  A dark border appears around the selected cell.
  2. Right-click the image in the Videos and Photos Collection and choose Add to Storyboard.  You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + T.

You can also drag and drop the image on the Storyboard.  By default, an image is added to the Storyboard with a duration set in the program's Options.  After it has been added, you can change its duration.

Scrolling the Storyboard

Clips and images are arranged horizontally on the Storyboard, one after the other.  The length of the Storyboard keeps increasing as clips are added to it so only a part of it may be visible.  Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the Storyboard to see the rest.

Previewing the Storyboard

You will have to preview the Storyboard frequently to see how your movie looks.  Just click the Play button in the Preview.  The position of the seek slider shows what point of the Storyboard is being viewed.  The seek slider can be moved by dragging it with the mouse pointer.  When the seek slider is moved, the preview changes to reflect the current slider position.

You can also preview by right-clicking on any file, clip or image in the Storyboard and selecting Play Storyboard.  The Ctrl + W shortcut keys can be used or you can open the View menu, point to Preview Controls and click Play/Pause Storyboard.

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