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Auto Movie Creator 3.26

Understanding Options

Auto Movie Creator allows you to set default durations for images, titles and credits, and transitions.  You can also change other settings to optimize the editing process.  To access these settings, click Tools > Options.  They are grouped under two separate tabs.


Default Durations

These settings are used to select the duration for Image Sources, Transitions, and Titles and Credits.  By default, Image Sources are added with a duration of 5 seconds, Transitions with 1 second and Titles and Credits with 10 seconds.  To change the default duration, type the values in Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Milliseconds.  Click on Default to restore the default time duration.

Reset Warning Dialogs

Warning dialogs appear in Auto Movie Creator when you try to perform an action not allowed by the application such as adding effects to an empty Storyboard.  They get hidden if you select the 'Do not show this message again' option.  Click the Reset Warning Dialogs button to see all hidden warning messages again.

Save Auto Recovery Information every...  minute (s)

Auto Movie Creator can save information periodically so that the changes you made can be restored after a crash.  This option is checked by default.  You can specify the period between 1 to 60 minutes.  The default is 1 minute.  You can uncheck this option if you don't want the application to save Auto Recovery Information.


Preview Options

By default, the preview window is in the standard aspect ratio (4:3).  You can change it to 16:9 for previewing widescreen videos.

Reset Warning Dialogs

To see any hidden warning messages, click on Reset Warning Dialogs button.  Warning messages are hidden when you  select the 'Do not show this message again' check box.


This option lists all the compressors on your PC.  Some of the compressors that were installed by other programs can cause problems while working with Auto Movie Creator.  You can disable them by unchecking them from the list to avoid any trouble caused by them such as system crashes, missing audio and video streams etc.  Disabling them for this application will not affect other programs.  Click on the Restore Defaults button to revert to the default Compatibility settings.  You also need to check the codecs installed on your PC.

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