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Auto Movie Creator 3.26

Adding Files to Collections

The first step in editing is to add your media files to the Videos and Photos Collection and/or the Music Collection.  Still images and video are added to the Videos and Photos Collection and audio files can be added to the Music Collection.  If Auto Movie Creator encounters a problem adding a file, it displays an error report.  Learn more about Trouble Adding Media Files.

Adding a file to one of the Collections doesn't create a new file.  It simply tells Auto Movie Creator to use the file in this project.

Media Files can be added in four different ways:

Dragging and Dropping Files

You can add files from any location on your computer.  Open the folder in Windows Explorer and simply drag and drop the files into the appropriate collection.

Individually Adding Files

The second method of adding the media files is to select them one at a time.  To do so:

  1. Open the Videos and Photos Collection or the Music Collection (depending on the type of files you wish to add). 
  2. Open the File menu, point to Add Media and select Import from Files and Folders
  3. Select the type of media files you want to add from Files of type
  4. Navigate to the desired folder, select one or more files, and click Open.

The selected files are verified and opened one by one and listed in the collection.  A media file can be previewed by selecting it, right-clicking and selecting Preview.  They are displayed in the Preview on the top left corner of the workspace.  The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P can also be used.

To remove a file from any of the two collections, select it and click Remove from the Edit Menu.  The selected file can also be removed by right-clicking it and then selecting Remove or clicking the button on the toolbar.


Video and image files can be added to the Videos and Photos Collection by capturing them from an external device such as a digital camera.  Capturing creates a new file and automatically adds it to the appropriate Collection. 

To start the capture utility, open the File menu, click Add Media and select Capture from Video Device.  The Capture Utility can add snaps and captured files from external devices (such as cameras) to the Videos and Photos Collection.  The captured files work exactly like other files.

Learn more about Capturing Media...

Searching for Media Files

You can search for media files in a folder (including its subfolders).  To do so:

  1. Open the Videos and Photos Collection or the Music Collection depending on the type of files you wish to search for. 
  2. Open the File menu, point to Add Media and select Search Media Files
  3. In the Search Media Files dialog, specify the folder to search.  Either enter the folder path or browse for it by clicking Browse
  4. Check Include Sub-folders, if you want the sub-folders of the specified Search Folder to be included in the search. 
  5. All supported video or audio file extensions are checked by default, depending on which collection you have opened.  Uncheck the ones you do not want to search for. 
  6. Click Next to start searching. 
  7. To remove one or more files after the search is complete (and before the files are added to the collection), select them and click Remove
  8. Click Finish.

Auto Movie Creator will start adding the files one by one to the collection.  If it fails to add a file, a message explaining why the file did not get added will appear.  This message will give you instructions on what to do to add this file.  Refer to Trouble Adding Media Files.


You cannot add the same file to the Videos and Photos Collection or the Music Collection twice.

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