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Auto Movie Creator 3.26

Conversion Wizard

Files in most of the popular media formats are supported by Auto Movie Creator.  But files in some formats need to be converted before they are added to the collections.  Conversion Wizard is a convenient utility to convert such files to compressed AVI format.

When you try adding a file to a collection and it cannot be added directly, Auto Movie Creator informs you that it needs to converted.  Click on the Convert button to open the Conversion Wizard.  You need to specify the Destination Folder where the AVI file would be saved.  You can select a Video Compressor and Audio Compressor for compressing the AVI file.  Not all video and audio compressors may give you desired results.  Some installed compressors are specific to an application and may not work.  A good choice of compressors can result in both good quality and a small file size.  The application can Auto select compressors for you. 

Recommended Video Compressors

  1. Microsoft Video 1
  2. Cinepak Codec by Radius
  3. Indeo Video Compression filters
  4. MJPEG compressor

The conversion process may take time depending on the duration and dimension of the source files you select.  A Video and/or Audio compressor may also slow down the process of conversion. 

Before conversion, you may also be asked to download any of the following depending on the files you want to add:

QuickTime Support

The recommended or full installation of QuickTime 7 is required to convert from QuickTime to AVI.  QuickTime's online or standalone installer can be obtained from the URL:

MPEG-2 Support

It is recommended that you install the free MPEG-2 decoder setup from: before you try to convert from MPEG-2 to AVI.

MPEG-4 Support

It is recommended that you install the free MPEG-4 decoder setup from: before you try to convert from MPEG-4 to AVI.

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