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Auto Movie Creator 3.26

What's New in Auto Movie Creator?

Version 3.2

  • Bitmap Handling Performance Optimization:  Auto Movie Creator's handling of image files is significantly faster. 

Version 3.1

  • Details View in Collections:  In both the Video and Photos Collection and the Music Collection, you can now switch to a Details view, showing information about each file.
  • Video Desk Integration: Auto Movie Creator warns before creating a file too large for your Video Desk file storage limit.
  • Estimated File Size: Estimates the size of the movie when exporting and choose a profile that produces files of the right size. 
  • Detected Scenes Preserved: Scenes detected by automated scene detection are now remembered even when the program is closed and restarted. 

Version 3.0

  • Totally Redesigned Export: The new Export Wizard combines simplicity with flexibilty, offering more options for your saved movies, while making it easier to pick from them.    
  • Save for Mobile Devices: Auto Movie Creator can now save movies in formats specifically optimized for portable devices including the Apple iPod, Palm Treo, RIM BlackBerry, Microsoft Zune and many others. 
  • New Save Format: Now you can create movies in MP4 format. 
  • Share on Web: New movies can be saved and uploaded to online video-sharing services including YouTube, Yahoo!  Video, Google Video and Video Desk in one operation.  You do not need to worry about any technical details, just pick the service, enter your account information, and click "Publish".  The Publish to FTP option can automatically upload your video files to any web server for inclusion in your site. 
  • Send Video Email: Auto Movie Creator can automatically create a movie file optimized for electronic mail and attach it to a message.  Just type the "To" address and press "Send"! 
  • Control The Duration of Movie Components: It is now possible to easily change the duration of images, effects, and transitions after they are added to the Storyboard. 
  • Combine Video Splits: Video clips created by splitting a file can now be joined to simplify editing. 

Version 2.1

  • Split Video Clips: You can now split divide video clips into segments at the exact point you choose.  This lets you remove unneeded video, apply effects and add music to only part of a video clip, and freely rearrange your video footage on the Storyboard. 

Version 2.0

  • Title Templates: New text templates with high-quality background images and predefined text fields let you add titles and credits to your movie in seconds. 
  • Sophisticated Text Handling: Each Title Template can contain multiple text areas, and can use any combination of fonts available on your computer. 

Version 1.5

  • Support for Widescreen Export: Auto Movie Creator can now create widescreen-format movies, with an aspect ratio of 16:9
  • Quick Start: A Quick Start menu now gives you one-click access to commonly-used functions when the program starts up. 

Version 1.4

  • Support for High Definition Videos: Edit the High Definition videos that delivers ultra-high visual quality and clarity. 
  • Viewing Widescreen Movies: Change the size of the preview window so that you can view widescreen movies in their correct dimensions. 
  • Auto Recovery: Editing information and changes made are saved periodically so that they can be automatically recovered after a PC failure. 

Version 1.3

  • Assistant Director: An interactive wizard guides you through every step required to make a movie. 
  • Titles and Credits: Add multiple text to your images or video or insert clips with text at the beginning/end of your movie. 

Version 1.2

  • Blending Sound Elements: The audio that is part of the clip can be combined with narration and music to produce a single sound track.  The volume of these three components can be adjusted individually. 
  • Toolbar: Frequently used functions are a single mouse click away—no need to search for them in the various menus. 

Version 1.1

  • Automatic Scene Detection: Video files can be automatically divided into clips based on scenes. 
  • Scene Detection Sensitivity: You can control how many scenes are created by configuring Auto Movie Creator's sensitivity. 
  • Storyboard Editing: A series of video clips laid out in the same order that they will play in ca be seen at a glance. 
  • Drag and Drop Operations: Media files, clips, effects and transitions can all be dragged and dropped on the Storyboard.  Editing could not be simpler. 


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