2.Workspace Tour
Workspace Overview
Workspace Terms
Workspace Tools
3.Managing Your Files
4.Drawing and Painting
5.Working with Colors
6.Selecting and arranging objects
7.Keyboard Shortcuts

Freehand Painter 0.95

Workspace Overview

Freehand Painter's workspace is designed to give you an easy access to all its important features. 

The main application window is divided into following segments:

  • The Canvas displays the file, on which you are currently working.
  • A Toolbar contains tools such as Brush, Eraser, Lasso selection for creating and editing your artwork.
  • A Color Group from which you can choose or edit the selected color.  The selected color is displayed in Color Square.
  • The Title bar displays the title of the current open artwork. 
  • In Full Canvas View, you can hide the toolbar, color group leaving only the Canvas window visible.
  • The docked File Menu contains the file management options such as New, Open, Save, Recent artwork. 
  • More Options has commands for editing the artwork such as Copy, Paste, Delete, Select, Clear. 

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