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Having Trouble Adding Files for Conversion?

My Screen Recorder Pro 5.17

Having Trouble While Adding Files?

My Screen Recorder Pro has been enhanced to not only give you 'More Information' on why the file did not get added but also suggest ways to help you add the file to various wizards provided in My Screen Recorder Pro.  This troubleshooting section discusses the messages you may receive when trying to add files. 

Most of the common file adding problems can be solved in one of the following ways: 

Unable to read, Access Denied: Windows is refusing access to the file.  Check that the file is not owned by a different user, and that Windows security settings do not forbid you to read the file.

Unable to load the file: The file could be corrupted, or may contain audio and/or video streams not supported by My Screen Recorder Pro.

Unable to find Audio Device, Audio Hardware Problems or Audio Drivers are not present: These warning messages appear if the Windows Audio service is not started.  By default, this service is turned off in Windows Server 2008, and it can be stopped in other versions of Windows.

To fix this problem, start the Windows Audio service.  You can do this by clicking Start >> Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Services.  (You may have to switch the Control Panel to Classic View to find the Administrative Tools.)  If you have set your Start menu to "Classic Start Menu" the sequence is Start >> Settings >> Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Services.

In the list of services, find the Windows Audio service, and double-click on it.  In the Settings window that appears, set the Startup Type to Automatic.

Unsupported file format: This warning is displayed when you try to add the files which are not supported by the application.  Check to see if you are adding a file supported by the application.

Invalid video dimension: This warning is displayed when you try to add files with dimensions less than 150 x 150 or greater than 2560 x 1600.


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