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Video Caster 3.44

Video Caster: What's New?

What's New in Video Caster 3.4?

  1. Wizard-based Interface: The new wizard based interface guides you through the entire process of putting your media files on the web. This makes working with the application much simpler as all steps to be performed for accomplishing a task are listed in a logical sequence.
  2. Browse Published Files: All files that you have published to FTP servers can be browsed. You can view all the files that exist and perform the normal cut, copy, paste and delete operations.
  3. Capture from Camera in Streaming Format: Video Caster allows you to capture footage from your camera in streaming format. Now you can make it a two-step operation of capturing videos and publishing on your website.

What's New in Video Caster 3.3?

  1. Video Settings: You can now alter your images by playing with their video settings. This feature enables you to change the brightness and contrast levels thereby creating images as per your liking.
  2. Video Effects:  Bring dramatic changes in the way your slides look with the help of this latest incorporation in Video Caster. With effects like Black & White, Mirror, Invert and X-Ray at your disposal, the resulting slideshows are simply stunning.
  3. Fade Music: An audio track of your choice can be added as background score in a slideshow. Instead of starting/stopping abruptly and giving you a jolt, the music fades in gradually as the slideshow begins and fades out slowly as it nears the end. A feature that assures you of smooth blending of both, the audio and visual elements in your creation.

What's New in Video Caster 3.2?

  1. File Display Information tool: Windows Media files support File Display Information. This feature enables you to view and change the Display Information such as Title, Description, Author, Rating and Copyright information to your Windows Media files.
  2. Batch Conversion: The media converter tool now supports batch conversion. Add all files that you want to convert at once and have the converter tool convert them one after another.
  3. Capture Entire Tape: With this new option in the Capture tool, you can setup Video Edit Magic to capture the entire video from your DV Camera's tape while you relax.
  4. Capture from DV Cameras to Windows Media: Like WebCams, the capture tool now enables you to capture from DV Cameras directly to Windows Media Video (WMV). This will produce small captured files.
  5. Support for USB 2.0 Camcorders: The enhanced capture tool now lets you capture from Camcorders that are capable of transferring videos using a USB 2.0 connection to your PC.
  6. Make Slideshows in Windows Media 9: The all new Windows Media 9 support gives you Windows Media 9 profiles organized in 2 different categories of videos. You can now make slideshows using the Windows Media 9 video and audio codecs.
  7. Durations for Individual Slide: You can set duration in seconds for individual slides between 0 and 240 seconds, and control the duration for which the slideshow will be played.
  8. Durations for Opening Titles and Closing Credits: Now you can control the time for which the Opening Titles and Closing Credits are displayed in the slideshow.
  9. Rotate Slides in Slideshow: This new feature allows you a full 360 degrees clockwise/counterclockwise slide rotation enabling you to overcome all your slide orientation problems.

What's New in Video Caster 3.1?

  1. Auto Slide Show: This unique tool in Video Caster lets you create a slideshow from your photographs instantly. Add all your photo images, select one of the several spectacular visual styles and make a slideshow in WMV or AVI. You can also preview the slideshow immediately without rendering it as a video.
  2. File Playback Options: These new options let you playback media files in sequence. For instance, when listening to a MP3 file, select Next File of Same Type option, to play all MP3 files in the current folder in sequence.
  3. Enhanced Media File Listing: Video Caster now monitors the selected folder for files added or removed and quickly updates the file listing to reflect the changes. This eliminates the need to rebuild the thumbnails every time there are changes made to the selected folder.

What's New in Video Caster 3.0?

  1. Completely Redesigned User Interface: Video Caster’s new user interface makes it simple for you to browse folders containing video, audio and image files and view them as thumbnails.
  2. Reworked Tools: Video Caster 3 also features a reworked set of efficient tools to capture from cameras, convert existing files to Windows Streaming Formats and publish files to streaming servers. These are invaluable tools for creating and distributing videos online.
  3. Preview Files and their Properties: Using the integrated media player, you can preview any video, audio and image file from within Video Caster. The selected file’s properties, displayed alongside the preview, let you make correct choices to create video and audio files for web.
  4. Digital Video Camera Support: The capture tool now supports recording from a Digital Video Cameras and Camcorders. Record high-quality footage from these cameras, convert them to Windows Streaming Format and distribute them on the web.
  5. Convert Soundtrack Only: Video Caster's conversion tool lets you extract only audio from your audio video files to create audio files.
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