1.Welcome - Video Caster
2.Understanding Streaming Media Formats
3.Using Capture
Capturing Media from Devices
Capturing from a Web Camera
Capturing from a Digital Video Camera
Changing Capture Device
Importing from a Digital Video Camera
Controlling a Digital Video Camera
Capturing Snaps
Changing Snaps Output Format
Changing Capture To Folder
Capturing in WMV Streaming Format
Capturing without Audio
Changing Video/Audio Settings and Formats
Working with Captured Files
4.Using Auto Slideshow
5.Converting Media Files
6.Publishing Media Files

Video Caster 3.44

Video Caster: Working with Captured Files

Working with Captured Files

From within the Capture tool, point to the File menu and click:

  • Save Capture File As to save the last captured footage to another location and with another name.
  • Preview Last Captured File to open the last captured footage with the default media player.
  • Preview Last Captured Snap to open the last captured snap with the default image viewer.
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Copyright © DeskShare Incorporated.  All rights reserved.