2.Quick Start
3.Working with Devices
4.Auto Configuration Wizard
Record when motion or noise occurs
Continuously Upload JPEG photos to my FTP server
View my camera remotely from another PC
E-mail me when motion or noise is detected
Schedule camera(s) to start monitoring at a specified time
Continuously Record From My Selected Camera
5.Types of Alerts
6.Motion/Noise Settings
7.Working with Periodically Activated Alerts
8.Remote Monitoring
9.Configuring FTP Settings
10.Minimizing the Application
11.Media Files
12.Keyboard Shortcuts
13.Event Logs

WebCam Monitor 6.23

View my camera remotely from another PC

This scenario takes your monitoring setup a level further.  Apart from the basic functions that WebCam Monitor performs for detecting motion or noise, it also performs BroadcastingAlert, Scheduler, Upload and General settings remain unchanged.  It is useful when the monitoring has to be seen from one or more PCs in various locations, anywhere in the world.

Click on Next to Select a profile with a bit-rate lower than your current available bandwidth speed and Maximum concurrent viewers (number of people who can watch the streaming simultaneously at any given point of time).  Go to the last page of this wizard and click the Settings button for advanced configuration.

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