2.Quick Start
3.Working with Devices
4.Auto Configuration Wizard
5.Types of Alerts
6.Motion/Noise Settings
7.Working with Periodically Activated Alerts
8.Remote Monitoring
9.Configuring FTP Settings
10.Minimizing the Application
11.Media Files
12.Keyboard Shortcuts
13.Event Logs

WebCam Monitor 6.28

Configuring FTP Settings

To configure FTP Settings for remote monitoring:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options
  2. Select the RemoteMonitoring
  3. Under Upload, click Configure
  4. Specify the upload details and click OK.

FTP Server Settings

Specify the FTP Address, User Name, Password, Port and the FTP folder to where you want to upload.  Use the Test Connection button to check if WebCam Monitor is able to connect to the specified FTP server.

Use Passive Mode for FTP connection

Select this option if you want to connect to the FTP server in Passive Mode.  This option is mostly required when you are connecting to the FTP server via a proxy.

When you connect to the Internet using a proxy server and you receive a "425 Can't open data connection" or "500 Invalid PORT Command" error during an upload then you must enable this option.

Learn more about configuring a proxy server...

Upload Settings

For information about configuring uploads, see Upload Settings.

Monitoring Upload Status

To view the current upload status, open the View menu and select Show Upload Status.


The FTP upload works best when:

  1. WebCam Monitor is configured to run Video/Audio Recording and/or Take Photos alert on motion/noise detection. 
  2. From UploadWhat, both the Audio/Video Files option and Photos option are checked.

After this configuration, all files generated by the two alerts will be uploaded to the specified FTP location.

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