2.Quick Start
3.Working with Devices
4.Auto Configuration Wizard
5.Types of Alerts
6.Motion/Noise Settings
7.Working with Periodically Activated Alerts
8.Remote Monitoring
Uploading Video, Audio or photos when Motion or Noise is Detected
Uploading Video, Audio or photos Periodically
Configuring the Proxy Server
Configuring the DNS Server
Configuring Video/Audio Broadcasting
Show Broacasting Status
Show Upload Status
Assigning a Static IP Address to your PC for Live Streaming
Getting the IP Address of Your Computer
9.Configuring FTP Settings
10.Minimizing the Application
11.Media Files
12.Keyboard Shortcuts
13.Event Logs

WebCam Monitor 6.28

Show Upload Status

You can see the Upload Status of video, audio and image (photo) files that are created when alerts like Video/Audio recording and Take Photos are triggered periodically or due to Motion/Noise.

Viewing Upload Status

To see the upload status of files queued up for uploading to an FTP server:

  1. In the menu bar, click on View.
  2. Click on Show Upload status.  The Upload Status dialog opens.

This dialog displays the files queued for uploading and their status.  It also gives the message (Uploading) or (Not Uploading) depending on whether the uploading process is going on at the moment or not.  It shows the list of files for upload, the folder where they are stored and upload status.  The upload status could be Complete, Incomplete or Queued.  A breakup of the list is also given in the form of number of files that are Uploaded, Queued, Failed and Total.

Clearing the Files List

To delete information about all the files listed in the dialog:

  1. In the menu bar, click on View
  2. Click on Show Upload status.  The Upload Status dialog opens. 
  3. Now click on the Clear button. 
  4. You will be asked to confirm your choice.  Click Yes to continue the clearing process.

Hiding the Upload Status Window

The Upload Status dialog can be displayed simultaneously as you work on the application and shows constantly updated results.  To Hide it, simply click on the Hide button on the dialog box.

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