2.Quick Start
3.Working with Devices
4.Auto Configuration Wizard
5.Types of Alerts
6.Motion/Noise Settings
7.Working with Periodically Activated Alerts
8.Remote Monitoring
Uploading Video, Audio or photos when Motion or Noise is Detected
Uploading Video, Audio or photos Periodically
Configuring the Proxy Server
Configuring the DNS Server
Configuring Video/Audio Broadcasting
Show Broacasting Status
Show Upload Status
Assigning a Static IP Address to your PC for Live Streaming
Getting the IP Address of Your Computer
9.Configuring FTP Settings
10.Minimizing the Application
11.Media Files
12.Keyboard Shortcuts
13.Event Logs

WebCam Monitor 6.28

Show Broadcasting Status

This shows exactly who is connected to your computer and viewing your broadcast video and audio.

To see Broadcasting Status:

  1. In the menu bar, click on View
  2. Click on Show Broadcasting Status.

This dialog gives you the Number of connected clients and Details of connected clients.  The details include serial number, IPAddress, Port and DNSName of the client.

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