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4.Working with Devices
5.Auto Configuration Wizard
6.Motion/Noise Settings
7.Types of Alerts
8.Working with Periodically Activated Alerts
9.Remote Monitoring
Configuring FTP Settings
Uploading Video, Audio or photos when Motion or Noise is Detected
Uploading Video, Audio or photos Periodically
Configuring the Proxy Server
Configuring the DNS Server
Configuring Video/Audio Broadcasting
Show Broacasting Status
Show Upload Status
Assigning a Static IP Address to your PC for Live Streaming
Getting the IP Address of Your Computer
10.Minimizing the Application
11.Media Files
12.Keyboard Shortcuts
13.Event Logs

WebCam Monitor 6.28

WebCam Monitor: Upload Settings

Upload Settings

You can have WebCam Monitor upload all recordings to an FTP server, either on your own network or over the Internet.  To open the Upload Settings, click the Configure button in the Upload Settings area of the Remote Monitoring tab.

Upload Settings

In the Upload Settings window, you specify the address of your FTP server, using either a domain name like or an IP address like 111.222.333.444.  You also specify your user name and password, unless this server doesn't require individual user names, in which case check Anonymous User.

You can also select a folder on the server, to which your recordings will be uploaded.  You can either type the path to the folder or click the Browse button and select the folder from a list.

When you have entered all the required FTP Server Settings, click Test Connection to confirm that your settings are correct.

You must also choose what to upload.  In the Upload What section,  you can choose to upload Audio/Video Files, Photos, or both (or neither).  If you choose to upload photos, you can Overwrite Photo Files with the name xxxx.  This can be used to create a web page with a regularly updated still picture of a location.

The Upload Behavior settings let you control when uploads take place, and what happens after the upload is successful.  If you select Immediately after media file creation, whenever a photo or recording (whichever you have selected in the Upload What area) is created, WebCam Monitor will immediately connect to the server and upload it.  If you select Enable Automatic Upload after every n, WebCam Monitor will automatically upload all files of the correct type at regular intervals (for instance, "every 2 minutes").  If automatic uploading is turned off, files will only be uploaded when you click the Start Uploading button on the tool bar, or Start Uploading on the Tools menu.

If you select After uploading, delete media files from this PC, each file will be deleted from your computer after it is successfully uploaded.

You can see the current status of FTP uploads by selecting Show Upload Status from the View menu.

If you click Restore Defaults, all these settings return to their original values.

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