1. You Need to Verify and Clean your E-mail List Regularly
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Smart Email Verifier 3.51

You Need to Verify and Clean your E-mail List Regularly

E-mail can be an effective way of attracting repeat customers to your website and a relatively cheap marketing tool.

Too many people have been the victims of e-mail spamming and have understandably become wary about exposing themselves to a further onslaught. Visitors to web sites are protecting themselves by using temporary or false e-mail addresses when filling out forms or requesting information. Fake email addresses cause problems as they quickly fill up your database. When sending e-mail to your site's customers, a large percentage of emails get bounced and returned, wasting bandwidth and your time. As a deterrent, ISP mail servers block a sender's email domain for repeatedly sending messages to non-existing email addresses. So you need to clean up your database and clean it up fast!

Keeping a Clean E-mail List

Smart Email Verifier - Cleaning up your e-mail list

Once you have compiled an e-mail list, you must keep it "clean". It is important to check the mailing list for so called 'dead' or invalid addresses regularly. If you have a long mailing list, then you can either go for the time consuming solution of removing each bounced message, or use e-mail verification software such as
Smart Email Verifier
; which does accurate, quick and multi level verification automatically. In addition to checking and eliminating invalid addresses using advanced email verification techniques, Smart Email Verifier also removes duplicate e-mail addresses. This is ideal for corporate users like System Administrators, Web masters and Programmers who work with long e-mailing lists.

The Verification Process
Smart Email Verifier - The 3 level verification process

In Smart Email Verifier, E-mail list hygiene works by performing three levels of verification: Syntax, DNS and SMTP. You can choose from the fastest checkup to the highest quality verification. In the fastest checkup, Smart Email Verifier checks the syntax of the e-mail address, checks for duplicate addresses and does a DNS lookup. In DNS verification, Smart Email Verifier queries DNS servers to check that the e-mail belongs to a valid domain. This lookup ensures that the domain of the email address is fully qualified to receive mail. If you want to have higher levels of verification, it can carry out SMTP verification, which involves a complete SMTP mailbox check. During this step, Smart Email Verifier contacts the SMTP server to validate the entire e-mail address with validity depending upon the SMTP’s server’s response to the query regarding a particular e-mail address.

Verifying E-mail Addresses in three steps
Smart E-mail verifier owes its popularity to the accuracy with which it determines validity, the fact that it can work with long lists having tens of thousands of email address, and the ease of using the software.

The complete verification process is just a matter of a few clicks.
  1. First, you need to add the email addresses to the E-mail list in Smart Email Verifier. You can add the emails for verification using a variety of import methods from any database system or from a text file. The Syntax Verification is done implicitly without any instructions as soon as you add an E-mail address for verification.
  2. If you want to carry out the fastest verification, then On the Tools menu, click on Options and under Verification Level select Syntax + Domain.

    Smart Email Verifier - Verification Type Options

    This will allows you to carry out DNS verification. If you want to carry out the most accurate verification, then select
    Syntax + Domain + SMTP
    from the Verification Level.

    NOTE: Some e-mail servers do no support SMTP verification. In such a case, you can select the Enable Forced SMTP Verification option.

  3. On the Verify menu, click on Start Verification.
    Preparing a new list
    You can clean up your long lists by removing the invalid addresses from the list.

    To remove invalid addresses and to prepare a ‘fresh and clean’ list:

    1. On the Tools menu, point to Remove and select Invalid E-mails.
    2. You can now export the clean e-mail list by using the export wizard. On the File menu, click on Export Wizard.
    3. Follow the instructions on the Export Wizard to save your new list. You can choose to save in Text, CSV or ODBC supported databases.

    To get the most out of your Smart E-mail verifier, run checks regularly. This is especially essential in the case of large databases, which are updated frequently.

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