2.Getting Started
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Adding E-mail Addresses
Understanding Options
3.Working with Smart Email Verifier
4.Verification Process

Smart Email Verifier 3.51

Adding E-mail Addresses

Smart Email Verifier provides various methods of adding e-mail addresses to the E-Mail List for verification.  E-mail addresses can be brought in from any database system and can also be added individually.  In addition, e-mail verification sessions can be saved and reopened later.

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Adding E-mails from the Quick Bar

The Quick Bar provides the most convenient method of adding individual e-mail addresses to the E-mail List.  Simply type the e-mail address in the first box on the Quick Bar and click Add or press the Enter key.  The e-mail address is appended to the E-mail List and is available for verification.

Adding E-mails by Importing from a Database

Smart Email Verifier includes an Import Wizard that can add e-mail addresses from a Text File or ANY database system to the E-Mail List.

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