2.Getting Started
3.Working with Smart Email Verifier
E-mail Verification Session
Import Wizard
Finding/Searching for E-mails
Removing E-mail Addresses
Export Wizard
Configuring a Proxy Server
Command Line Parameters
4.Verification Process

Smart Email Verifier 3.51

E-mail Verification Session

A Smart Email Verifer session can include any or all of the following activities, in any order:

  1. Add e-mail addresses. 
  2. Import e-mail addresses from an external database.  Learn More…
  3. Export e-mail addresses to an external database.  Learn More…
  4. Modify Verification Options.  Learn More…
  5. Verify one or more e-mail addresses.

All these operations collectively are referred to as an E-mail Verification Session or just Session.  A Session can be saved for later use.  The entire E-mail List (all columns) and Verification Log are saved to a file with an SEV extension.

Creating a New Session

To create a new session, select New Session from the File menu or use the Ctrl+N shortcut key.  If the current session has changed then Smart Email Verifier will prompt you to save before a new Session is created.

Opening a Session

To open an existing Session, select Open Session from the File menu or use the Ctrl+O shortcut key.

Saving a Session

To save a current session, select Save Session As from the File menu or use the Ctrl+S shortcut key.

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