2.Getting Started
3.Working with Smart Email Verifier
E-mail Verification Session
Import Wizard
Finding/Searching for E-mails
Removing E-mail Addresses
Export Wizard
Configuring a Proxy Server
Command Line Parameters
4.Verification Process

Smart Email Verifier 3.51

Configuring a Proxy Server

For Smart Email Verifier to function correctly, it must be aware of your Internet connection settings.  If your computer uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet, you must configure Smart Email Verifier to use it.  If Smart Email Verifier detects that you are using a proxy, it will prompt you to configure the proxy.

You can configure a proxy server by selecting Options from the Tools menu and then selecting the Proxy tab.  If you don't know your proxy server settings, you may have to contact your System Administrator.

My computer uses a proxy server to connect to the internet

To configure the proxy, you must first check this option.

Proxy Server

Specify the proxy server's IP Address and its Port Number.

Proxy Server Settings

Smart Email Verifier supports Socks versions 4, 4A and 5.  Most proxy servers support all the three.  It is recommended that you use the highest Socks version unless you are sure that it is not supported by the proxy server.  You may refer to your proxy server's help file for details on the Socks version(s) it supports.

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