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Understanding the User Interface
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Smart Email Verifier 3.51

Understanding the User Interface

Smart Email Verifier has a very user friendly and intuitive user interface that makes E-mail verification simple, efficient and very informative.

Smart Email Verifier ’s user interface contains following four components

The Menu Bar and Toolbar

The menu bar contains all the functions, tools and options provided by Smart Email Verifier.  The Toolbar contains shortcuts that provide instant access to the most common functionality.

The Quick Bar

The Quick Bar placed right below the Toolbar provides a convenient way of adding e-mail addresses for verification and a powerful search functionality used to highlight all e-mail addresses matching the search string that you have specified.

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E-mail List

The E-mail List is where all the e-mail addresses are displayed.  In addition to the e-mail address, the workspace also displays details like Location, Syntax Verification, Domain Verification, Name of the SMTP Server, Result of SMTP Verification and the Date and Time when the e-mail was last checked.  The Location and Last Verification columns in the E-mail list can be shown or hidden by selecting or deselecting the respective options in the View menu.

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Status Bar

The status bar displays e-mail verification statistics.  At all times, the status bar displays the total number of e-mail addresses, the number of valid e-mails, invalid e-mails and not verified e-mails in the E-mail List.  During verification, the status bar also shows the progress of verification.

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