1. Text To Speech: Talking Computers and Why We Love them
  2. Text to Speech Converter: Selecting a Text to Speech Voice
  3. Spanish, German, and French voices read aloud your documents
  4. Convert Text Documents to MP3 Audio Files
  5. Proofread Documents by Listening to Your Computer Read It

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Text Speaker 3.32

Convert Text Documents to MP3 Audio Files

Have you ever thought of listening to your books, articles, and other documents instead of reading them?  Text Speaker reads your text documents aloud on your PC and converts them to audio files in MP3 or WAV format.  Listen to the audio files on your MP3 player, iPod, iPhone, and mobile phone while you do other tasks at home or at work.  Text Speaker offers a great selection of high quality, human sounding voices.

Open a document using text speaker and click Speak >> Convert to Audio.

The audio properties such as the sound quality, frequency, bit rate, and audio channel are already set for you to produce the optimum audio files.  However, you can change these settings depending on your requirement.  When converting your document to MP3 format, you have an option to add background music to your audio file for a pleasant listening experience.  Enable the option Add background music to the output file.  With the Test Button you can listen to how your audio file sounds.  You can adjust the volume of the background music with the help of the slider.

If you want to convert a part of your text document to audio then just select the important sections.  This may be useful if you want to listen to just the key points of your document.  When you have all the important sections in the text selected then click Edit >> Outline Area.  Convert the marked text to MP3 audio file by clicking Speak >> Convert Outlined Text.

Your MP3 file is ready to be played.  With Text Speaker, you can convert your documents to MP3 files and listen to them whenever you have time.

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