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Getting Edited Videos out of your PC

Rapid growth in technology has given us a wide variety of options for distribution and sharing of video content.  To effectively distribute movies and make an impact, you first need to know your viewers. The simple question “What will most of my viewers use to see my video?” needs to be answered.  Once you identify the setup that is ultimately going to be used, then making a choice is not that difficult.
Video Edit Magic - Exporting your videos to various output formats
Perhaps the most important step in a movie project is the distribution. This article aims to discuss the most popular distribution options available, and how you can use Video Edit Magic to make movies in different formats.

Exporting to Digital Video Tape

Though the idea of exporting videos back to your camcorder sounds strange, it really has some great advantages.  PC Digital Video Tape is an excellent medium for sharing your edited home videos with family and friends as you can play them through your camcorder or any digital VCR that can accept 8mm tape.  This choice is ideal when you are on the move, as you can carry your Digital Camcorder and its connectors along, and hook it up to any TV set for playback without the need for any other hardware.

Once you have edited your videos, make the movie in DV-AVI format.  While making the movie with Video Edit Magic, ensure that the DV-AVI format (NTSC or PAL) matches your camcorder standard.  Then connect your camcorder to your PC using the FireWire port, and use the Export tool to export the movie to the camcorder.

Internet Options

The web is fast becoming the medium of choice for distributing video content.  The major advantages of using the Internet for distribution are cost effectiveness coupled with tremendous reach.  So, if you want to distribute training videos to colleagues, marketing videos, or videos of special events like parties, you can upload the videos onto a web server, or e-mail them.  For these options you would make the movie in Windows Media Video (WMV) format.

The Windows Media format is characterized by small size and streaming capabilities.  This format has great flexibility.  With Video Edit Magic, you can save your edited project in different profiles (combinations of settings).  These profiles choose the optimum settings for the intended use.  To choose the best profile for video distribution, you must understand your viewers' Internet capabilities. Windows Media Format can also specify display information like Title, Author, Rating, Description and Copyright.  This information is displayed by most media players during playback.


DVDs and VCDs are probably the most popular media for distribution currently.  VCDs are excellent in terms of cost and can be played on the PC as well as on most DVD players, while DVDs offer more space, higher quality, and other advance authoring capabilities.

While creating content for distribution using DVD and VCD, you need to conform to certain specifications.  DVD (and SVCD) files use MPEG2 video, while VCD files are MPEG1.  Video Edit Magic provides predefined options for creating all three, so all you need to do is to specify the type of DVD or VCD you want.  If most of your audience resides in North America, choose NTSC as the picture standard, since the hardware (DVD or VCD players) in North America are NTSC based.  Select PAL for a European audience.

Once your movie is made in the appropriate format, use burning software to burn the movie on to the VCD or DVD discs.
Making video content for distribution using Video Edit Magic

The Make Movie Wizard in Video Edit Magic is a simple interface to all the options you need for successful distribution.  Once you have finished editing your videos, and have decided on the format, use the Make Movie Wizard to create your distribution files:

  1. On the File Menu, click on Make Movie.
    Video Edit Magic - Make Movie
  2. Select the appropriate Output Format and click on Next.
  3. Depending upon the format you have selected, choose settings.  Remember your audience's requirements!
  4. Follow the instructions on your screen to complete the make movie process.
Worldwide, there's a growing demand for and expectation for video content. Video Edit Magic gives you an easy way to meet these demands, and distribute high quality videos to reach a greater audience.

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