Video Edit Magic 4.47

Watermark Your Videos

You may need to add identity and ownership information to your video, ensure that viewers know the source. Digital Watermarking allows you to embed text or graphics, for example, a logo, in digital media such as video or images.  It is an excellent way to stamp a personalized identification mark such as your company name, date of creation etc. on the visual material.

The process of Watermarking becomes very easy with Video Edit Magic.  You can add Watermarks to your videos in an unobtrusive yet effective way using Transitions and Effects.  You can create a unique watermark to brand your creations. 

The following steps tell you how to do it:
  1. Select the Video/Image to be used as a Watermark
    You can use any image as a watermark for your video.  Just make sure the image file format is supported by Video Edit Magic.  The Text/Title Effect is another option that lets you can add a name as identification.  In this article we shall use the DeskShare logo as a watermark.
  2. Add the Video you want to Watermark
    Open the video or image you want to watermark in Video Edit Magic.  Add it to Video Track 1 in the Timeline.  Here we have added the video: caves_explore.wmv
  3. Add the Video / Image file to be used as a Watermark
    Open the file to be used for Watermarking and add it to the Timeline.  The file containing the DeskShare logo (logo.JPG) is added to the Video 2.  You can also use a video file for a watermark instead of an image.  Make sure that the duration of this file as well as the effect and transition added to the Timeline is same as that of the video to be watermarked (if you want the watermark for the entire duration of the video).  You can do this by stretching the file, effect and transition in the Timeline.
  4. Add Luminance Transition
    Select the Luminance transition from the ones listed under Video Transitions.  Configure the Settings to adjust the level of Luminance.  Select the Keep Intensity Constant option and set the intensity percentage in the range of 60 to 80.  Any values lower will make the watermark seem opaque and resemble an image placed on top of the video file.  Any values higher will make the watermark seem so transparent that it would hardly be seen.
  5. Alter Watermark Image Using Animated Transform Effect
    If you wish to use a smaller, less noticeable watermark in the corner of your video, which is how most people watermark their videos, you can use the Animated Transform Effect to resize and move the watermark to the desired size and location.

    After you have resized and moved the watermark image to the desired location, select ' Set end position to be the same as start position'.  The 'Number of rotations' is 2 by default but change it to 0.  As you can see in the image given below, we resized the logo and moved it to the top right side of the display window.

Adjusting the settings for the Animated Transform Effect and Luminance Transition will usually resolve problems in the appearance of either the watermark or video file.  Once you feel comfortable with watermarking using Video Edit Magic, embedding watermarks in  your videos will take only moments.

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