"Great product...  five stars...  two thumbs up"
As a full-time video producer, I've been using Video Edit Magic for several years and it works great.  It is easy to learn and use and provides countless options and compression settings that allow me to provide my clients with a variety of end product uses - especially in today's market where the majority of my clients want the end product to be used on the Internet.  Great product...  five stars...  two thumbs up.
- Stephen F.
"Easy to use"
I like your Video Edit software.  I am an adobe premiere user as well, however sometimes it's nice to switch over to something that is less painful to use.  I am very glad that you have a way to capture off of DV cameras.  I like that feature.
- Eric R.
"Great software"
I tried (and purchased) many other video editors before I found Video Edit Magic.  The money spent on purchasing your product was the smartest I've expended in quite a while.
- John P.
"I give this software a 10"
I am not real experienced at editing videos.  I have made a few with family photos and clips, I picked up here and there.  This program lets me edit them like a pro.  I give this software a 10.  It is definitely a must for anyone who desires to enhance and make their own professional looking DVDs or just videos on a PC.
- Quentin
"Works well with Real and Windows and MPEG"
I love it.  It has only the functions I need, but it has all, the ability to work with Real and Windows and MPEG, and more important, it works.  It has the multiple tracks like Adobe Premiere, but yours works without my having to be a genius.
- Bill H.
"Best video editing software"
I was looking for software to permit conversion of my video tapes to DVD.  I also needed simple editing features.  This program does it perfectly.  I used to be a programmer and I can see you guys really spend time listening to users needs when designing this program.
- Marcel
"Impressed with Video Edit Magic"
I am so impressed with Video Edit Magic that I thought I should write and advise you.  With so many edit programs available, I was skeptical when I tried it.  WinDVD was bundled with my recent PC purchase.  It had a lot of sync problems.  Video Edit Magic had none at all.  Even when I am warned to convert to another format for better editing, I decline, and get perfect results.  Great product and good value.
- Jim H.
"One of the most intuitive video editing programs"
I've worked with full-featured Avid production systems once or twice.  Your software has everything needed to do what I need to get done quickly and easily.  I'll probably buy another copy for home use as well.
- Roy
Video Tour
The program provides a healthy number of transitions and effects, such as fades, wipes, and even a picture-in-picture tool.  Video Magic is admirably simple.
- CNET   

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