"Good work!"
Your product has helped me clean up old e-mails from my newsletter subscriber list.  Good work!  Thank you!
- Josephine K.
"Very fast verification.  Excellent job!"
The only e-mail verification product that only works truly for large e-mailing lists.  Very fast verification.  Excellent job!
- Richard
"Wonderful product"
Smart Email Verifier keeps your mailing lists clean, a powerful tool that eliminates dead e-mail addresses reliably.  Thanks for such a wonderful product.
- Ron C.
"Great product"
Smart Email Verifier has saved a lot of my time and from receiving bounced e-mails by deleting the bad e-mail addresses from my mailing lists.
- Chris C.
"Easy to use"
Overall a very nice application and easy usability!
- Patricia K.
Smart Email Verifier - Main Screen
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