Dictation Pro  1.08

Frequently Asked Questions

What is speech recognition?

The ability of the computer to understand the spoken words for the purpose of receiving commands and dictation input from the speaker is speech recognition.  Speech recognition turns your spoken words to text.  This is done in a process by which the computer speech engine recognizes speech.

Why do I need Dictation Pro?

Dictation Pro helps you to become more productive since it is much faster than typing.  The vast set of commands provided, enables you to write and format your emails, letters, documents, and reports in minimum time.

Is Dictation Pro supported in Windows XP?

No.  Dictation Pro is designed and developed to function only in Windows Vista and newer versions.  Along with this, Microsoft’s Speech Application Program Interface (SAPI) and .NET framework are both required.

What is a profile and is it necessary to create a profile?

Speech recognition user profiles store information about how to recognize your voice.  You should create profiles when working in different environments with different levels of noise or when using different microphones.  Create profiles to get best out of Dictation Pro.

Why do I need to undergo user training?

In user training, you must read one line at a time that is prompted.  By listening to you read aloud, Dictation Pro learns to interpret your voice and speech characteristics.  This improves the speech recognition accuracy.

What should I do when I don’t want Dictation Pro to listen to my voice?

You need to turn off the microphone either on the tool bar of the application window or with the hotkey Ctrl + Alt +O.

How can I correct a misrecognized word?

You say the command "correct that" for the spoken word or phrase that is misrecognized.  A context menu appears which displays nine alternatives.  You can choose one out of them.  To choose an alternative say its corresponding number followed by "OK".

How can I add new words to my vocabulary set in Dictation Pro?

The Add Word dialog allows you to add and train any word or phrase.  Once you train a word or a phrase, it gets easily recognized in the application document.

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