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My Screen Recorder Pro 4.15

Command Line Parameters

Command line parameters provide a way to pass a set of arguments into a program.  You can start, stop, and pause recording using command line parameters, as well as set certain recording options.  You can control the recordings from other applications or from other computers within the same network.  This helps, especially when you want to create scripts to start recording, schedule recording, or start the recording process from another program.

Note: With command line, you can control WMV recordings only.

Read the article: Command Line Parameters to Control Screen and Audio Recordings

Using The Command Line

To use the commands, you must first open the command prompt.  To open the Windows command prompt, press the Windows icon + R on the keyboard, type cmd and click OK.

Command Line Syntax - Using the Command Line

" My Screen Recorder Pro "  [ -r ] [ -p ] [ -s ] [ -d <hh>:<mm>:<ss>] [ -rgn <left> <top> <width> <height>] [ -rec v | av] [ -f <filename>] [ -l <profile index>]

Start Recording

Recording can be started by using the following command:

"My Screen Recorder Pro.exe" -r

If the application is not running, this command will launch the program in hidden mode and then start recording.  If it is already launched, the recording starts.  The parameter has no effect when recording is already going on.  If recording is paused, the command resumes it. 

Pause Recording

You can pause recording using the following command:

"My Screen Recorder Pro.exe" -p

If you give this command when no recording is going on when, it is simply ignored.

Stop Recording

If recording is in progress, you can stop it by using the following command:

"My Screen Recorder Pro.exe" -s

If no recording is going on when you give this command, this command has no effect.

Recording a Region

If you want to record a particular portion of your desktop screen, use the following command:

"My Screen Recorder Pro.exe" -r -rgn <left> <top> <width> <height>

Specify the dimensions (width and height) and the starting position (left and top) of the rectangle in terms of number of pixels.  The specified values must be within the screen limits for successful recording. 

Specifying Recording Duration

The following command can be given to specify the duration for recording:

"My Screen Recorder Pro.exe" -r -d <duration>

The duration can be given in hh:mm:ss where, hh is the hours, mm is the minutes and ss is the seconds.

Recording only Video or both Audio and Video

If you want to record only video, use the following command:

"My Screen Recorder Pro.exe" -r -rec v

For recording both, audio and video, use the following command:

"My Screen Recorder Pro.exe" -r -rec av

Specifying Filename

 To specify a filename for the recording, use this command:

"My Screen Recorder Pro.exe" -r -f <filename>

The <filename> contains the name you give to your recording.  It is saved in the folder specified using the user interface.

Specifying the Profile to use while Recording

To specify a profile to be used while recording use the following command:

"My Screen Recorder Pro.exe" -r -l <profile index>

The profile index is the position of the profile in the available Video Profiles list dropdown in the Settings tab starting from 1.

For example to use the profile "WMV Motion and Music (Medium Resolution)" while recording use the following command:

"My Screen Recorder Pro.exe" -r -l 3

The recorded video holds all the properties specified in the profile.

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