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Digital Media Converter 4.2

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Media Converter?

Digital Media Converter is a program that can convert your audio and videos to almost all popular media file formats.


How to reduce the file size of the output video?

Make sure that the frame rate, bit rate, dimensions etc.  for the output video are set lower than that of the original file.  For more details refer the article Reducing File Size.


Which format is most suitable to play videos on my PC?

Digital Media Converter has a profile called WMV For Desktop Viewing that produces high quality, small-sized files.  The profile is designed especially to store and playback videos on your PC.


Is there a way where I can automatically turn off my PC after a long conversion process?

Yes, your PC can be turned off automatically after the conversion is completed.  You don’t have to wait for the long conversion process to finish.  Click Tools >> Settings >> General and enable the option Shut down computer after conversion is complete.


Can I rotate my video by 180 Degrees?

Yes, you can rotate your video by 180 Degrees.  The effect is applied to all the videos during conversion.  Click Tools >> Video effects and enable the option Rotate 180 Degrees.


Can I change the volume of my output file?

Yes, you can increase the volume of your converted file up to 400%.  Click Tools >> Video effects and adjust the audio volume with the help of the slider.


Why do I see the product name stamped on my converted videos?

This is because you are using a trial version of Digital Media Converter.  To avoid the product name being displayed on your converted videos, purchase Digital Media Converter today.


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