Guide to Computer Audio and Video for Non Experts

29 Pages

Digital audio and video are everywhere. To impress people, your web pages and presentations need to include a movie or a musical score. To use these technologies effectively, it's important to understand at least the basics of how they work.

The Guide can help anyone learn the basic principles that make media files work. You'll also learn terminology that will help you learn more from other sources, and work with web designers, video makers, and musicians on media projects.

After reading The Guide, you'll be able to use video and audio editing software better, design web pages using sound and movies, and work with or supervise media experts with confidence.

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Topic Highlights:
  • Select the correct media file format for both audio and video
  • Choose a compression method that balances size with quality
  • Understand which media files can be played on what devices, and how to select the right one for your audience
  • Recognize Digital Rights Management and copy-protection systems, and understand why they're used and what they do
  • Understand how video and audio are converted into digital files

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